The design of the FOBO robot line is highly extensible and versatile. Our fully autonomous mobile robot base is a safe and cost-effective solution to accelerate intralogistics process automation.

R&R Technology offers four types of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to enable on-demand pallet, rack, and box transport in your facility with no infrastructure changes required (no markers needed). Our robots can be deployed in just days and can scale as your operations grow.
The FOBO robot top module is highly customizable; it adjusts to pick up and transport pallets, boxes, racks, or even beverages and food.

Our robot fleet management system can be easily integrated with existing systems: ERP, WMS, etc.


FOBO 500
Length 560 mm 875 mm 700 mm 900 mm
Width 560 mm 560 mm 520 mm 680 mm
Height 400 mm 370 mm 309 mm 310 mm
Weight 70 kg 80 kg 85 kg 100 kg
Payload 100 kg 100 kg 100 kg 500 kg
Running time 7 hours or 15 km 8 hours or 20 km
Maximum speed 1.5 m/s
Sensors Lidar / Stereo Vision
Navigation Free-range navigation / SLAM
Charging Auto / Manual
Features: Robot fleet management / Obstacle avoidance and rerouting / Marker 
Top modules: Roller / Racks / Pallets / custom top module


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