The autonomous mobile robot solution for PPTL (Pick to Light & Put to Light) automation.

Our autonomous PPTL solution helps to optimize warehouse operations, quickly responds to e-commerce volume growth and seasonal peaks while giving you control over your labor costs. Our robots operate safely together with people. Employees become more efficient and effective compared to traditional order fulfillment systems.

Our solution helps to fulfill more orders with less labor with a minimal infrastructure change.

How it works:
1) The mobile robot system receives orders from WMS or WES.
2) Next, the system plans optimal routes and starts to drive to collection points. Items are picked and placed directly on the robot, using a super simple PPTL system.
3)The robot automatically moves to the next pick, then transports items to the drop-off or consolidation area once complete.

• Our system enables workers to pick and sort multiple orders simultaneously with the PPTL system.
• No training is needed – system usage is so simple that you can learn to use it in just a minute.
• Improved speed, accuracy, and productivity.
• Reduced dwell time spent waiting for robots.
• The system works for order picking and replenishment.

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