The V-SMART solution provides an intelligent online-to-offline experience. V- SMART is one-stop retail with no employees, enabling e-storage, e-keeper, e-sales, and e-cashier.

V-SMART is good for brand awareness since it can be located almost anywhere. V-SMART provides a wide surface area for promotional stickers and different cabinets for displaying goods. Thanks to the flexible module structure, V-SMART can be operated in customized areas with full independent functions and helps clients to explore various product opportunities.

The Storage Retrieval Machine (SRM) robot can smoothly manage both inventory and storage. Additionally, the SRM can transport the goods with the Robotic Control System (RCS). The goods are put into the standard cabinet which ensures the safety of fragile products. Also, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Robotic Control System can manage all the stock and warehouse automatically with no human effort.

The interactive kiosk features in V-SMART brings more information and entertainment to customers. They can watch videos, browse different pictures and descriptions of the products. V-SMART supports online purchase functions, where customers can later pick up the goods at the V-SMART shop. It results in a fresh and intelligent shopping experience.

When it comes to big data, V-SMART can help harvest the behavioral and purchase data that are essential for maximizing revenues. This data is therefore easily available for further use or re-marketing. Sales reports can be generated effortlessly and can help clients to make better business decisions.

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