Intelligent Navigation

Each mobile robot platform uses an intelligent navigation stack. Our Intelligent navigation stack brings:

  • Combines different sensors together, such as lasers, stereo vision, LIDAR, and others.
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance. We use computer vision that lets our robots see like humans. They are capable of detecting obstacles and making decisions on how to re-route. The robots avoid collisions when they sense humans or pallets obstructing their path.
  • Object detection and recognition: We can detect and estimate the pose of humans, pallets, racks, and many other objects.
  • Autonomous charging.
  • SLAM – Simultaneous Localization and mapping.
  • Safety – we use certified LIDAR sensors to detect and avoid potential collisions with humans or obstacles.

User Friendliness

We created robots that work with humans. You can control our robots from an external PC, tablet, or smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the tablet on the robot. All commands and communication are easy to understand and intuitive. At any point, you can switch the robot to manual mode and drive it to a different place. You can ask the robot to build a map in a new environment and assign tasks manually.

Robot Fleet Management & Integration into WMS/ERP

Our robot Fleet Management system can control all your mobile robots by direct communication with them and with your WMS/MES/ERP. It can assign missions for robots automatically.


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