Smart Warehouse Solution (SWS) for a safer warehouse environment and operating efficiency in the market. SWS delivers a significant competitive edge by the automated workflow through autonomous robots, big data analysis, IoT systems, and state-of-the-art sensor technologies.

To optimize the operation of warehouses, SWS automates almost the entire operation of traditional warehouses; including goods identified, sorted, picking – putting, and organized for shipment. RV’s SWS has proven to greatly improve our customers’ requirements for efficiency, speed, density, and scalability.

WHO can benefit from Smart Warehouse Solution?

The Smart Warehouse Solution adopts modular architecture and brings higher flexibility by better utilization of precious storage spaces. It could be applied in warehouses, idle and under-utilized areas, and could also be suitable for e-Commerce, retail, 3PL, daily necessities, industrial manufacturing, and other industries.

WHAT is inside the Smart Warehouse Solution?

  • MOBO Autonomous Mobile Robot
    Helps transport inventory on racks to work stations up to 1000kg payload.
  • MOBO Smart Charging Station
    Automatic and customized charging modes enable MOBO Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to operate 24 hours continuously.
  • MOBO Rack
    Modularly designed racks enable dynamic inventory locations and ensure storage utilization. Moreover, racks could be customized to enable higher storage capacity.
  • Smart Indicator Picking Station
    An ergonomically designed picking station with smart indicator light guide technology ensures high-speed picking and auditing process.

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